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Business Solutions

Our mission at Totally One Communications is to provide our business clients with the best communication technology to power their businesses. Since 1999 our business solutions have provided our clients with the best fleet management, asset management, TV & Internet, and mobile soltions on Canada's best network. 

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Phone & Internet Services

With fast Internet speeds and a secure connection, our services are here to power your business. Our business bundles are built to suit your needs and ensure your company gets the world's best Internet technology, a reliable phone service and the latest tech. 
Phone & Internet Services

Mobility Solutions

Our staff are happy to review your business challenges, evaluate your mobile service needs and provide a solution tailored to your business! As Canada's biggest wireless network, Bell is the reliable network you need to power your business. 
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Mobility Services
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Mobile Workforce

Automate manual processes and boost productivity and customer satisfaction by having workers send information back to the office in real time, right from their mobile devices. Stay connected and productive at any job site.

Our mobile workforce solutions provide: 


Automated process

Save time and streamline business processes by automating time consuming or manual processes such as time-keeping, job scheduling or remote worker check-ins.


Real-time monitoring

Manage employees more effectively.  With GPS tracking you always know the location and status of your remote workers.  Dispatch a new work order to the closest employee or monitor the safety or a loner worker, all in real time.


Increased productivity

Boost productivity and customer satisfaction by having remote workers access company data and send information back to the office in real time.


Enhanced Safety

Monitor the safety and location of remote workers, and keep them automatically connected to response teams in the event of an accident or field emergency.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Our best-in-class GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostic and telematics technologies can help you optimize your operations, increase fleet security, reduce costs, and more.
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Our fleet management solutions provide: 


Real-time Management

Always know where vehicles and assets are with enhanced dispatch capabilities and real-time GPS location tracking. Dynamically schedule and re-route drivers to increase on-time arrivals and reduce fuel consumption.


Fewer breakdowns

Use in-vehicle sensors to analyze performance, diagnose issues proactively and schedule repairs before major problems develop.


Improved security

Increase the visibility of your assets with vehicle alerts, real-time GPS tracking and vehicular cameras to ensure cargo reaches its destination safely and securely.


Optimized operations

Real-time reports on fuel consumption and kilometers logged can help improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs. And with insights into load utilizations, vehicle location and driver availability, you can identify extra capacity and consolidate loads to better meet customers’ needs.

Asset Management

We offer the best tools available to accurately track and monitor valuable assets and inventory – helping control costs, minimize loss and boost productivity.
Heater Maintenance

Our asset management solutions provide: 

Asset Management


Tank Monitoring

Get precise, real-time information on tank levels to help avoid runouts or unnecessary service calls. Combine remote sensors with predictive analytics to get insights for pre-emptive maintenance and optimized routing. Whether you distribute gas, propane, bulk fluids or other liquids, tank monitoring from Bell will help your operation save time and money.


Cold Chain Monitoring

When it comes to perishable and temperature-sensitive goods, one small error can lead to costly spoilage or recalls. Cold chain management solutions from Bell automatically record temperature levels and provide real-time alerts when they fall outside safe ranges. This means you can be sure assets are stored and transported safely, so your business stays compliant and continues to meet customer expectations.

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