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Our staff are happy to help tailor our mobile services to meet the needs of your business, all on Canada's biggest wireless network. We have the latest mobile tech available so you can stay connected to what matters most. 


Manage heavy equipment, machinery, fleet and other goods efficiently and without large investments of capital or labour with asset management solutions from Bell.

Fleet Management

Running a successful fleet demands much more than going from point A to B. Bell fleet management solutions can equip your vehicles with innovative technologies that deliver the efficiency you need to drive success.

Mobile workforce

Our solutions help streamline operations, comply with regulations and meet customers’ needs. Maximize visibility, control, and performance of mobile workers

Phone & Internet Services

 Our Bell internet and landline services are customized to the needs of your business. With fast internet speeds and a secure connection, our services are here to power your business forward. 


The customer service I have received is nothing short of spectacular. When things were tough to figure out and where most would have thrown their hands up and walked away, you were patient and hung in there. 


If there ever is a customer you are trying to explain why TotallyOne is the place to go, please feel free to send them to me, as I will set them straight.


Just wanted to express thanks for looking after our account. In the last couple months, we have seen substantial savings on our Bell Mobility account.


Thanks to your team, much appreciated.


About Us
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About Us

Our doors first opened for business in August of ’99. We currently operate from 2 locations, a Corporate office in Concord and a retail location in Orangeville. We have a dedicated team of loyal employees that have been with us since our inception. We believe in a work environment that allows the opportunity for our employees to grow and succeed as individuals, which in turn has brought success and growth to Totally One.

Our retail location is dedicated to serving the public by offering all of Bells' products and services allowing our customers to have the best communication tools available. Our corporate sales team services each and every business account with dedication and ownership while offering solutions that can help all our clients succeed in their businesses.
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Our team is happy to help you with any questions and inquiries. Get in Touch! 

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